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For all UDE membersScans from the UL

You need a journal article or an excerpt from a book?
Use our free scanning service!

Who can order?

Students and members of the UDE with a personal library card.
Externals are excluded from this delivery service.

What can I order?

What can be ordered:

  • Essays from journals marked with an order reference in our Primo catalogue.
  • Excerpts from books on a limited scale.

Please note:

  • Deliveries are only possible within the framework of copyright regulations.
  • Electronically available articles and excerpts from e-books cannot be ordered.
  • Journal issues, volumes and books may not be scanned completely.
  • Scans from newspapers and so-called consumer magazines (e.g. Spiegel, Focus, Geo Magazin) are not possible.

How do I place an order?

Depending on whether you wish to order an essay from a journal or an excerpt from a book, please proceed as follows:

How to order a journal article:

  • Please order journal articles via Primo.
  • You will find the link to the order form in the detailed stock display.
  • Fill out the order form completely.
  • Please place one order per article.
  • The article will be delivered electronically to your email address.
  • Articles will not be supplied in printed form.
How it works: a step-by-step guide

How to order an excerpt from a book:

Excerpts from books cannot be ordered via Primo.
Please use our order form.

Your digitization order from a book

How do I get scans for a semester collection?

Please use our online semester collections.

Usually, up to 15% of a book may be digitised and made accessible in a protected way.

Any questions?
Please email to

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