Ordering journal articles and volumes (internal service)

Our online catalogue Primo displays the holdings of all the branch libraries in Duisburg and Essen. In addition, Primo offers the opportunity to order journal articles via internal delivery service or volumes from the closed stockroom.

Please note the information about our internal article delivery service before ordering!

To place an order, please proceed as follows:

  1. Search

  2. Result list

  3. Holdings and availability

  4. Ordering articles

  5. Orderung volumes from a closed stockroom

2. Result list

Choose the option "Verbessere die Ergebnisse" to refine your results and see journals only: 


When you are searching for journal titels, you will find a combination of the following symbols due to availability of printed or electronic versions:

Journals Online & Print

  Show availability of printed and electronic versions

Symbols for electronic versions:

  Journal available for free, without limitation
  Journal partly available for free
  licensed journal
  partly licensed journal
  no online access, Table of contens or abstracts may be available

Symbole für printed versions:

  Journal available in print
  Journal not available in print, interlibrary loan order possible

Please click on the symbols to learn which volumes are actually available in print or online.

3. Holdings and availability

Below the headline "Gedruckter Bestand" (= Printed version) you will find more information about volumes that are actually available as well as the shelfmarks:

Below the shelfmarks, you can choose between two options:

4. Ordering articles

The details of your chosen journal will be transferred automatically into the order form:

Check the pull-down menü "Bestellung aus Bestand" (= Order from certain volumes) and choose the correct volume for your order.

Complete the form and click on "Abschicken" (= send). The article will be delivered as a pdf file to your e-mail adress.

Please check if your e-mail adress is stated correctly and provide enough storage space in your e- mail account.

5. Ordering volumes from a closed stockroom

If you want to order a journal volume from a closed stockroom, please choose the link "Bände aus dem geschlossenen Magazin zur Ansicht bestellen".

Title and shelfmark of the chosen journal will be transferred automatically into the order form:

Complete the form and click on "Abschicken" (= send).

The ordered volumes will be kept for 5 opening days.

You will receive an email notification.