Borrowing media

Terminal for self-lending in the branch libraries LK and Medicine

Borrowing: do it yourself

In these branch libraries, you borrow your media yourself at our terminals for self checkout:

  • LK Library (Duisburg campus)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Library (Essen campus)
  • Medical Library (Essen University Hospital).

To do so, you will need your user number/university ID and your PIN.

In the branch libraries BA and MC, you can borrow your media at the lending desks.

More information:

Borrowing by an authorised person

You can authorise a person to borrow or collect media for you.

Please note:
  • Your library card and a signed certificate of authority has to be presented.
  • The certificate of authority has to contain the name of the authorised person.
  • It is only valid for one borrowing transaction.
  • The authorisedperson has to present a photo id.
Certificate of authority to borrow media

Borrowing by student assistants or assistant professors

UDE academics can assign borrowing and collecting media to assistants by providing a limited certificate of authority.

Please note:
  • The account holder´s library card has to be presented.
  • The certificate of authority has to include the name of the authorised person and the date of the limitation.
  • The assistant has to present his own photo ID, too.
Certificate of authority for student assitants or assistant professors