Equal opportunities for everyone

Education: Equal opportunities for everyone

How can we create fair education? How can we support every motivated talent on their way to a successful degree, independent of gender, ethnic, or social background? How can we, for example, support women in science even better?

These are questions that move and motivate us. Therefore, we not only talk about equal opportunities, we live them. We were the first university in Germany to create a vice-rectorate for diversity management.

Students with migration  backgrounds, international students, and first-generation students are especially supported through custom-made programs to make education accessible across the board. A stroll across our two campuses will prove it. Here you meet ambitious talents from all over the world – people from the Ruhr metropolis with diverse educational backgrounds. A variety that enriches us.

For these reasons, we are pioneers and sought after experts of society‘s advancement. We have already set our university up for the future and made it fairer, more diverse, and more flexible. For example, with practice-oriented advanced training degrees, a flexible child care system, and part time studies for young people with a career, or with responsibilities in child care or caring for a family member. We always keep our goals in sight: To offer the best possible education to every individual, and inspire everybody to greatness. And you can tell from our many certifications that we’re already doing pretty well.

Worldwide partnerships International University cooperations

The work of scientists, academics and researchers does not begin and end on a single campus, as more than 400 international collaborations between the UDE and partners from around the globe are able to testify.

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A diversity of knowledge Science Atlas Ruhr

The Science Atlas of the cities of Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg and Essen provides a comprehensive overview of research in the region and provides an analysis of the diversity of knowledge at the Ruhr.

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