Costs & Fees

During your studies Cost of living

Depending on the city you move to and other circumstances, your cost of living varies. You can find an average calculation here:

All students must be covered by a compulsory health insurance. There are however certain circumstances in which you must be privately insured.

Social & Student Union Fee

Upon enrollment or re-registration, the social and student body contribution must be paid, which consists of the so-called mobility contribution (VRR-Semester Ticket and NRW-Ticket for public transport), the social contribution for the Studierendenwerk and the contribution for the General Student Committee (AStA).

The exact amount

Contribution for part-time and guest students & continuing education

A general fee is charged for the study of secondary students (§ 71 Abs. 1 HG - small secondary students), as well as for the study of guest students (§ 71 Abs. 3 HG) for each semester of their admission. Fees for participation in continuing education courses (§ 90 HG) cover the costs.

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Possibilities of social counseling