Costs & Fees


No tuition fees in North Rhine-Westphalia

With the "Act to Improve Equal Opportunities in Access to Higher Education in North Rhine-Westphalia" of March 1, 2011, the Düsseldorf state parliament decided to abolish tuition fees. Since the winter semester 2011/2012, universities in North Rhine-Westphalia have therefore no longer charged tuition fees.

Nevertheless, you will incur costs when enrolling at the UDE: As a student:r the so-called social and student body fee, as a guest student:in the guest student fee.

During your studies Cost of living

Depending on the city you move to and other circumstances, your cost of living varies. You can find an average calculation here:

All students must be covered by a compulsory health insurance. There are however certain circumstances in which you must be privately insured.

Social & Student Union Fee

Upon enrollment or re-registration, the social and student body contribution must be paid, which consists of the so-called mobility contribution (VRR-Semester Ticket and NRW-Ticket for public transport), the social contribution for the Studierendenwerk and the contribution for the General Student Committee (AStA).

The exact amount

Contribution for part-time and guest students & continuing education

A general fee is charged for the study of secondary students (§ 71 Abs. 1 HG - small secondary students), as well as for the study of guest students (§ 71 Abs. 3 HG) for each semester of their admission. Fees for participation in continuing education courses (§ 90 HG) cover the costs.

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