Coronavirus: Measures and central information

2.7.2020Strategic considerations regarding the organisation of the upcoming winter semester

The lecture period of the summer semester is drawing to a close. The majority of the rescheduled examinations from the past winter semester have been conducted and the examination period for this summer semester is about to start. Attention is also turning to preparations for the upcoming winter semester.

In a letter to all university members, the Rectorate would like to thank them for their achievements and work over the past few months and gives an outlook on the semester ahead.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) - FAQs

Please visit our FAQs section to find answers and information for international degree seeking students, incoming and outgoing exchange students and guest researchers. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - FAQs from the International Office

1.7.2020: Regulation on mobile working extended

According to the decision of the rectorate, the regulations on mobile working from home will apply until October 31 2020.

1.7.2020: Taking responsibility for one another: Updated internal action plan

UDE`s Corona action plan has been updated. The new guideline contains major changes, particularly with regard to employment law. The handling of protective measures, in particular carrying a face mask, has also been concretised.

25.6.2020: Instructions from the occupational safety department on the effect of ventilation systems and recirculating air cooling units ("air conditioning systems")

  • First of all, a distinction must actually be made between ventilation and recirculating air cooling units, since colloquially, both are often referred to as air conditioning systems.
  • A ventilation system has separately guided supply and exhaust air. This is rather positive, as there is a permanent exchange of air. This is usually the case in ventilated lecture halls and seminar rooms. The same applies to large ventilated areas such as laboratories and libraries (including office areas connected to the ventilation system).
  • Recirculating air cooling units lead to a mixing of the room air; there is no exchange. Recirculating air cooling units therefore do not replace ventilation! (At no time!) These units are usually used in individual rooms that otherwise heat up considerably, e.g. server rooms.
  • If it is unclear which type of system is installed in a room, the supply engineering department of the technical building management can help (for Essen please contact Mr. Oliver Hoffmann, for Duisburg Mr. Reinhold Krebber).

25.6.2020: Ban on business trips eased

The University board has decided to further relax the general ban on business trips.
With immediate effect, mandatory business trips to the member states of the European Union, to Schengen associated states (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) and to the United Kingdom may be resumed. In doing so, the applicant must clearly explain the mandatory requirement of the business trip in the application.

The applicable distance and hygiene measures must still be observed.

This means that superiors may now issue permits for business trips to the above-mentioned countries. The decision on whether a business trip is necessary is decentralized and should be documented. A strict standard must also be applied to the decision regarding the necessity in terms of time (why is it mandatory now?).
It is expressly pointed out that in international air and travel, entry restrictions, quarantine measures and restrictions on public life are still to be expected in many countries. It is therefore imperative that the applicable travel and safety instructions of the Federal Foreign Office ( be observed when approving the travel permit and again directly before the start of the business trip.

In addition, travel services should only be booked shortly before departure and, if possible, with flexible conditions in case travel warnings and entry bans are issued again.
General business trip permits for the above-mentioned countries issued before the business trip ban are again valid under the above-mentioned regulations.

27.5.2020: Homeoffice / Time recording / Future of work at UDE

The labour law provisions on mobile working from home, as set out in the UDE's operational measures concept, are extended until 31 October 2020. At the same time, on-site operations on university premises will be gradually ramped up. Managers are urged to find practicable regulations for those areas of work where a return to normality is not possible in the near future. 
Chancellor Jens Andreas Meinen has also initiated a working group on the world of work at the UDE to clarify how home office and presence operation can be sensibly reconciled in future. The working group will initially focus on central administration and then examine how the findings developed can be extended to other areas.
Flexitime recording via Prime WebSystems and the time recording terminals will be resumed from 1 June 2020. From this date, all flexitime participants* will be required to use the procedures for recording working hours. The terminals are available at the university and work from home can be recorded via online bookings or, if necessary, time correction documents. 
You can find tips and up-to-date information on flexitime recording at:

Measures in place

Hybrid Semester

The summer semester 2020 will be a hybrid semester, i.e. all teaching will be conducted via digital and e-learning formats. There will be no face-to-face teaching in the near future.

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Limited regular operation

The university is slowly relaxing restrictions and transitioning from minimum operation into limited regular operation.

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Access to university buildings

All UDE buildings will remain closed until further notice. You can gain access to all buildings using an access medium. For any access requests, please contact the porter’s lodge when in Essen. In Duisburg, the property caretakers and the security service will take care of your access requests.

Diversity, inclusion, family-friendliness, equal opportunity (DIVG)

COVID-19 has radically changed everyday life and created a need for talks. UDE’s DIVG forum provides guidance, perspective and a space for exchange to university members. The forum is intended to encourage collaboration and discussions on the actual impact the current situation has on individuals and their lives.

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Key issues

University Library

The Humanities and Social Sciences Library and the Library in the LK building are now open with restrictions in place. Opening hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. Learning places are allocated via an online booking system.

Canteens & Cafés

The U-Café (Duisburg campus) and the Gelbe Cafete (Essen campus) will reopen on 25 May 2020 for takeaway only, serving sandwiches, pastries, snacks and drinks. Opening hours are 9.30a.m. to 2 pm.

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UDE events

The Diversity Day (scheduled for 26 May 2020) and the Dies academicus (scheduled for 5 June 2020) will not take place in their usual form. We are sorry to inform you that the UDE Summer Festival (scheduled for June 23, 2020) and all University Orchestra concerts have been cancelled.

Mail service

The mail service is open as usual.

Shuttle bus

The shuttle bus service between the campuses is suspended until further notice.

What to do in case of suspicion / quarantine?

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