Offers for refugees

Welcome to the UDE!

Our university is a place of diversity, where potential is fostered and educational equity is lived. On behalf of the Rectorate, we would like to welcome you to the University of Duisburg-Essen!

Information for refugees from Ukraine

Specific offers for refugees

I am a pupil or my children are required to attend school

Förderunterricht (special tuition)

Förderunterricht at UDE provides special tuition for pupils with a migration background. Pupils are taught in small groups by students who have been specifically prepared for this particular task.

Your contact person is Siham Lakehal:
Tel.: +49 201 183 2569, email:
Further information:

I was a student in my home country and I would like to pursue advanced training at UDE

Participation in UDE's guest student programme

Academically experienced asylum seekers of full age, taking part in the German asylum procedure, have the possibility to apply for guest student status for the coming semester. Participants of the guest student programme have the chance to take part in several activities. The sports offers at Campus Essen and Campus Duisburg can be found here.

Your contact persons are Sebastian Graw and Udo Rasum:
Tel.: +49 201 183 3745 (Udo Rasum), email:

I would like to study at UDE

Studying at UDE

If you fulfill the obligatory admission requirements, you may want to study at UDE. You can find a list of UDE’s study programmes here:

Your contact persons are Sebastian Graw and Udo Rasum:
Tel.: +49 201 183 3745 (Udo Rasum), email:
Further information:

I would like to start vocational training at UDE

As a major employer in the region, the University of Duisburg-Essen is also active in vocational training.
Your contact persons are Christoph Strato and Hilal Yalcin:
Tel.: +49 201 183 7014 (Christoph Strato), email:
Tel.: +49 201 183 6306 (Hilal Yalcin), email:                                               

Further information: