Scientific Services

OverviewResearch services and research support at UDE

​UDE’s supporting facilities and departments in research-related matters.​

Research managementScience Support Center

Research sponsorship:

  • Comprehensive, intensive advice and assistance with applications
  • General support information actively communicated to researchers (e.g. newsletter “FÖRDERINFO kompakt”)
  • Project management (esp. EU)
  • Individual research support

Research transfer:

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Research administration & project managementResearch sponsorship & third-party funds

  • Separate costing
  • Contact person for financial and legal questions
  • Contract drafting and advice
  • Application advice (finances) und application signing
  • EU audits, financial statements, accounting
  • Management of third-party funds
  • SAP for third party projects
  • Statistics and analyses
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The research profile of the University of Duisburg-Essen is continuously being developed. The disciplinary and interdisciplinary research foci of the faculties and the central scientific institutions as well as the university-wide, cross-faculty profile foci contribute to this.

These and other framework guidelines are anchored in the guidelines of the university.