Melting pot UDE


We. Together.

We admit, the Ruhr metropolis is not New York City. But it‘s pretty close. Walking across the two campuses of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), you meet scientists and students from all over the world. You find yourself in a big melting pot, the melting pot UDE.

We explicitly promote exchange – of knowledge, of perspectives, of talents. We maintain partnerships with many Universities – from China to Brunei to Peru. And we promote mobility within Europe – for example in cooperation with our over 200 ERASMUS partner universities in almost 30 countries.

Just like the region, our university is dynamic, ambitious, and ever changing. In more and more areas, we are counted among the strongest research universities in Germany. Because research and teaching are closely intertwined, our students gain access to new scientific discoveries without delay.

Our university is in a strong position that we plan to develop further in the future. We want to promote the diverse potentials gathered here even better and more effectively. That way everybody profits – science, economy and society.