Diversity Management: Realising Potential

Diversity Management at UDE Taking Diversity into Account

In view of a more colorful society and increasing international integration, it is necessary to take greater account of the diversity of students and employees in teaching and research. This should begin before the studies, encompass the study phases and not end with the start of a career. The DiM bundles the various activities, develops additional instruments and embeds the whole in an overarching concept.

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Diversity as a strength Diversity Portal

In addition to general information on diversity management, you will find bundled information on the following topics:

  • Gender
  • Family-friendly University
  • Migration/Interculturality
  • Health Impairment/Disability
  • Lifelong Learning/Continuous Academic Education
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Institutional embedding Vice-Rector for University Culture, Diversity & International Affairs

Since April 2022, Professor Karen Shire (Ph.D.) serves as Associate Provost for University Culture, Diversity & International Affairs.

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