The Gender Portal of the UDE

Knowledge management geared to gender equality The Gender Portal of the UDE

The Gender Portal of the UDE is a cooperative project carried out jointly by the Equal Opportunity Officer and the Coordination Office for Diversity Management at the Centre for Higher Education and Quality Development of the UDE.

The Gender portal is an instrument for knowledge management geared to gender quality; it provides information and materials on the topics of gender mainstreaming, gender equality and the promotion of women as well as the results of women's studies and gender research. It is thus a source of diversified information on the broad topic of gender.

The Gender Portal focuses on four main areas:

  • gender and university teaching
  • gender mainstreaming in the context of university development
  • gender as a factor in the natural and engineering sciences
  • gender research at the University of Duisburg-Essen

The Gender Portal makes gender knowledge available to the faculties, administration and governing bodies of the university. The elaboration, development and utilization of gender knowledge, a vital component of gender competence, are prerequisites for implementing gender mainstreaming at the university. In addition, gender knowledge is the key to progress in promoting women and creating equal opportunities. The Gender Portal is thus a tool for strengthening and expanding gender competence as the basis for implementing gender mainstreaming and proactively promoting gender equality in the processes and programs of university development using the techniques of knowledge management.
Within the framework of the Total-E-Quality competition, the Gender Portal was expressly mentioned as a quality feature of the UDE.

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