WISNA Professorships

Our WISNA Professorships

On this page you will find current information about the WISNA professorships at the UDE.

Due to the underlying distribution key, the funding application was reduced by two professorships (to 21), which can be applied for in the second round of applications in 2019. In an internal procedure, 23 profile-sharpening research areas were identified, which will be covered by the WISNA professorships.

The professorships will be announced in three cohorts in 2018 (9 positions), 2019 (7 positions) and 2020 (7 positions). Particular importance is attached to fair and transparent appointment procedures. The criteria for assessing applicants* and the evaluation criteria for the tenure track will be communicated clearly and at an early stage.

WISNA Professorships 2-2018

The WISNA professorships of the second cohort were advertised on 12 October 18. You will find the announcements below. Further information is available on the linked documents.

Complete call for tenders 2nd cohort 2018

General criteria

If you are interested in a WISNA professorship at the UDE, you should meet the following general criteria:

  • Publications in the respective subject area in peer-reviewed journals, in particular in leading international journals
  • Experience in the acquisition of competitive third-party funds
  • Involvement in international research and relevant experience abroad
  • Qualification in the field of Leadership in Science
  • Teaching portfolio and didactic ideas for teaching under consideration of the UDE profile
  • Willingness to participate in academic self-administration

In addition to these general criteria, other criteria that you will find in the respective invitations to tender are defined in a precise manner.

WISNA Professorships 1-2018

The WISNA professorships of the first cohort were announced on 10.01.2018.

Call for proposals 1st cohort 2018

Information on the following WISNA professorships will follow here as soon as they are available.