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Block reservations have been made in several hotels, all located in the city centre of Essen. Special prices are available for ICEHL19 participants. In order to enjoy these prices, please use the hotel reservation form (updated April 4, 2016) and email ( updated April 4, 2016) or fax (+49 201 8872044) it directly to Essen Tourism (not to us). Also note that rooms from this reservation block need to be booked until 30 June 2016.

Of course, Essen also has low-budget accommodation options, which are however not part of the block reservation. If you are interested in those and need some advice, do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Hotel Reservation Form (updated April 4, 2016)

Hotels in the reservation block

(NB: breakfast included; for further information please contact Essen Tourism

TOP CCL Hotel Essener Hof****

Hotel website:

Single: € 85, Double: € 115

Distance from railway station: 400 m; Distance from venue: 1.5 km

B&B Hotel Essen** superior

Hotel website:

Single: € 63.50, Double: € 81

Distance from railway station: 1.7 km; Distance from venue: 1.5 km

Welcome Hotel Essen****

Hotel website:

Single: € 95, Double: € 115

Distance from railway station: 600 m; Distance from venue: 1.5 km

City Hotel Essen***

Hotel website:

Single: € 70, Double: € 92

Distance from railway station: 1.5 km; Distance from venue: 300 m