Academic programme

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The academic programme will run from Monday, August 22, to Thursday, August 25, with the official opening starting at 9:30 am on Monday morning and the conference closing around 5:30 pm on Thursday. (Friday is reserved for the excursion, see social programme.)

Each day, the four parallel slots for papers (20 min. + 10 min. discussion) will be accompanied by a thematic workshop (4 overall, see list of workshops), synchronized with the time slots of the main conference.

The conference programme and the book of abstracts will be available here later.

Workshops at ICEHL 19

  • Peter J. Grund and Terry Walker: The Dynamics of Speech Representation in the History of English

  • Silvie Hancil and Alexander Haselow: Intersubjectivity and the Emergence of Grammatical Patterns in the History of English

  • Olga Timofeeva and Richard Ingham: Diachronic Approaches to the Typology of Language Contact

  • Merja Kyt√∂ and Lucia Sievers: Early American Englishes

> download Workshops (pdf)

> download General session papers (pdf)

> download Conference programme (latest version, August 19, 2016)

> download Book of abstracts (latest version, August 15, 2016)