07.02.2024 - 10:59:46

Prof. Dr. Alexander Probst

Professor of Chemistry Department named Highly Cited Reseacher 2023

Based on numerous published scientific articles across 20 disciplines and a worldwide accepted algorithm, Clativate Analytics (Web of Science) determines the most influential researchers of each year. The top 1% (quartile) of the ranked researches in their respective field are then awarded the title "Highly Cited Researcher" highlighting their important contribution to their respective field of science. Statistically, only one in one thousand scientists belongs to this list of influential researchers. For 2023, Alexander Probst (Environmental Metagenomics, Research Center One Health Ruhr of the University Alliance Ruhr) is listed as a Highly Cited Researcher in the the category "Microbiology" along with five other scientists at UDE from other disciplines. We congratulate Alex to this achievement!