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22.07.2020 - 10:00:00

Neurodiversity in the EFL Classroom: Marc Jones on ADHD

On June 26th, Marc Jones, an English teacher at Tokyo Kasei University and an expert on ADHD, gave an amazing talk on the challenges and experiences of pupils and adults suffering from ADHD. The talk was part of the seminar “Neurodiversity in the EFL Classroom”, taught by Prof. Dr. Eva Wilden in cooperation with Dr. Judith Bündgens-Kosten (Goethe University Frankfurt). Since Marc has ADHD himself, his workshop and the subsequent Q&A session provided valuable insights into school education from an insiders’ perspective. Moreover, he gave practical advice for (student) teachers, which all participants were especially grateful for. Marc, thanks again for your openness and readiness to share your experiences with us!