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17.03.2021 - 11:44:38

Webinars by Julian Sudhoff on CLIL Teaching - 15th & 16th of March, IPRASE, Trentino, Italy

On 15th & 16th of March, Julian Sudhoff held teacher training webinars for the IPRASE Institute, Trentino, Italy. In these webinars, CLIL-methodology, CLIL-lesson planning and CLIL-material design were the overarching topics: On the basis of recapping general lesson planning principles, the unique characteristics of CLIL-lesson planning was worked on. The webinar then branched out to methodological considerations and introduced the learner centred methodological approach of TBLL and the complex competence task. These modern pedagogical approaches were introduced as ideal tools for the planning and design of CLIL-classrooms. Towards the end of the webinars the possibility of intercultural learning processes in task-based CLIL teaching was touched upon.