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06.03.2019 - 19:07:07

Sustainable Port Development

ZLV scientists design "Next Generation Port Cities Community Systems" in Argentina

In November 2018, a workshop involving ZLV scientists took place in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. The meeting, organised under the project SPeCTra - Smart Port Cities through Transversal Traffic Management Systems, aims to strengthen future cooperation between port cities in Europe and South America as well as to develop a research proposal for Horizon 2020.

As part of the SPeCTra (Smart Port Cities through Transversal Traffic Management Systems) project, a meeting was held in November 2018 in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, with port experts from around the world. In the workshop sponsored by the BMBF, the participants from science and practice in the field of port logistics developed a common vision for a sustainable development of ports - including its organizational structure and information systems. In addition to Duisburg and Buenos Aires, Colón in Panama, Guayaquil in Ecuador, Valencia in Spain and Gdynia in Poland took part in the workshop. Each project partner presented the status quo and current problems as well as challenges from the respective port city. On these findings the international team in a next step developed a common vision of the so-called "Next Generation Port Cities Community Systems". Melissa Szymiczek, scientific staff at the UDE-Chair of Transport Systems and Logistics (TUL), organized the event. In addition, Prof. Bernd Noche, Chairman of Transport Systems and Logistics (TUL) and Board Chairman of the Centre for Logistics and Traffic (ZLV) attended the workshop as well was Andreas Hoene, representing the ZLV and the Science Support Center (SSC) of the University of Duisburg-Essen, and Cyril Alias, who also represented the DST Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems in addition to TUL. Moreover, representatives of the Puerto de Buenos Aires and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina) as well as the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador) took part in the workshop, while representatives of the Fundació Valenciaport and the Università Politècnica de València (Spain), the Port of Gdynia Authority and Uniwersytet Morski w Gdyni (Poland) and the Autoridad Maritíma de Panamá, the Panamá metro and the port of Duisburg virtually participated in the workshop. The agenda was complemented by an intensive exchange with representatives of local business and administrative stakeholders, as well as various on-site visits, such as the Port of Buenos Aires, the Universidad Nacional de San Martín and the Traffic Control Center of Buenos Aires (Centro de Monitoreo y Gestión de la Movilidad Urbana). Based on the results of the workshop, the consortium plans to develop a joint research project under Horizon 2020.

The hosts present the opportunities and challenges of the port of Buenos Aires to the workshop participants:

Prof. Bernd Noche learns about the challenges of accessing the port of Buenos Aires:

Workshop participants from the science and practice of the port industry:


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