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15.07.2022 - 10:50:09

ZLV staff member Denis Daus on site

International ImPUlSe project team met in Egypt

In June, ZLV staff member and ImPUlSe coordinator Denis Daus traveled to Egypt with colleagues from the international ImPUlSe project team to focus on topics such as the circular economy, technology integration and management, smartagriculture, and market conditions in the citrus (by-)product supply chain.

To this end, selected farms and industries were visited on site. These included a company that dehydrates citrus, a juice producer, and an organic juice producer that covers all stages of the citrus supply chain from farm to export.

This also gave the scientists a good overview of the current production conditions. The workshop focused mainly on the technologies that can support sustainable, circular and digital value creation and ensure transparency and more efficient processes in citrus supply chains.

The Mediterranean region has a geographically favorable strategic location and great potential to serve the international citrus market with high-quality products.

Technological solutions (smart farming) will help manage soil variability, increase citrus yield and quality, and create a circular supply chain for citrus in the Mediterranean. This is just a selection of aspects that will be addressed by the ImPUlSe project.

Below you can read about the lessons learned that will be used in the future to promote the biological and technological circular economy in Mediterranean citrus supply chains: