The Basic Module Program runs for 6 weeks and includes theoretical classes and hands-on experiments. The technical content begins with one week of lecture program about Automotive Engineering Technologies. At the end of the lecture program, students decide on an individual five-week research project relevant to cutting-edge technologies in Automotive Engineering. Research activity will be enhanced by pairing the students with local PhD mentors with relevant expertise to assist them.

It is possible to gain six (6) upper-level credits in the Basic Module.

The program offers the possibility of upgrading the basic module with the following fee-based additional modules*:

Additional Module I offers a four week intensive German language course which takes place before the basic program and includes cultural events and excursions throughout Germany. Social interaction with native speakers and level-based language courses enable students to get along in Germany in-class and beyond.

It is posible to gain three (3) lower-level credits in Additional Module I.

Additional Module II includes a week-long road trip visiting Germany’s famous automakers and suppliers like Porsche, BMW, and Bosch. It will take place in the research project phase. For those who decide to occupy this module the research activity will then run for four instead of five weeks.


The last week of the summer program serves as wrap-up phase, where students present the results of their individual research projects.


* Please click for more information about the fees of the additional modules in Fees and expenses