Composites and Processing

The Gökce group explores applications of laser-generated nanoparticles and their composites. A special focus is placed on the synthesis of magnetic alloy nanoparticles and the development of new materials for laser-based additive manufacturing. Moreover, high power ultrafast lasers are utilized in combination with optical techniques to scale-up and to study the fundamentals of this synthesis method. The research topics can be categorized in:

1) Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles

This research topic aims to functionalize the unique advantages of laser-generated nanoparticles. Especially alloy nanoparticles (e.g. AuFe, FeNi), magnetic nanoparticles (e.g. Ho, YIG, Fe2O3) are of interest. Applications of these nanoparticles include optics, detection and catalysis. Embedded in polymers an additional value can be placed on the nanomaterial for instance for nanoparticle-filled varnished, conducting polymers or laser optics.

2) Upscaling and fundamentals of laser synthesis of colloids

The productivity of laser ablation in liquids is still a drawback of this method. Hence, increasing the productivity is a main goal of this research topic. With the advent of high-power ultrashort lasers, laser power isn't an issue anymore so that the applicability of laser spectroscopical approaches such as pulse and beam shaping can be explored for laser material processing. Additionally, multibeam processing by diffractive optical elements is studied.

3) Materials for laser-based additive manufacturing

Lasers in production processes, including additive manufacturing, are becoming more and more powerful, but the materials powders available are often inadequate for today's laser processing tasks. The main objective of this research direction is the synthesis of new metal and polymer powders for efficient laser-based 3D additive manufacturing by means of nanoparticle-additivation.
More information can be found here: Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Prof. Dr. Bilal Gökce has moved to the Univ. Wuppertal. For further information please use also the web presentation of the Gökce-Group