CER.UDE – Economy, Efficiency, Emission, Ressources and Society

Main research focus areas

CER.UDE – Economy,
Efficiency, Emission, Ressources and Society

Energy transformation and utilization are embedded in complex social processes. Energy economics and trading on the international energy markets make up a particular focus at the University of Duisburg-Essen, where research is undertaken with an integrated view of the financial and energy markets.

Particular emphasis is placed on the modeling of different types of uncertainties and the valuation of flexibilities in power plants, contracts, and the consumer market, as well as on questions of market design. Methods of financial mathematics are combined with stochastic optimization and conventional techno-economic models of the energy markets.

Another key priority is the development of technologies that reduce environmental impact and resource use along the entire energy conversion chain, such as the further development of carbon capture technologies. Natural scientists, engineers, economists, and social scientists can together—using their unique perspectives and methologies—contribute to the creation of a sustainable energy system. Energy efficiency is one of the core objectives, with new materials based on nanotechnology playing a key role, in addition to improved plant designs, e.g. for fuel cells, and modern information systems such as  “smart grids.”