Fluorescent Materials

Fluorescent Materials

Organic materials with effective emission and multi-stimuli response are highly desirable for applications in optoelectronic devices, like displays or emissive diodes. In this context, the combination of fluorescence and liquid crystallinity yields a series of promising materials. A challenge on the design of such materials is fluorescence quenching due to higher ordered phases like liquid crystallinity or crystallinity. To overcome this quenching, chromophores with aggregation-induced emission can be used. Recently, we started to investigate fluorescent liquid crystalline materials obtained by two different approaches – a synthetic route and a supramolecular approach. The first route is based on AIE-active thioethers reported by Voskuhl and coworkers, which were decorated with alkyl-chains to promote liquid crystallinity. However, only one compound showed soft crystalline behavior with temperature-depending fluorescence. In contrast, the supramolecular approach yielded a series of hydrogen-bonded assemblies which showed temperature-depending fluorescence resulting from the order of the mesophase.

Research Fluoro Figure 1: Molecular structures of the AIE-active compounds (A) and mesomorphic behavior under the POM (B, C) as well as the concept for hydrogen-bonded AIE-active mesogens (D) and their temperature-dependent fluorescence behavior (E).


Recent Publication

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