Research at the Chair for Particle Science and Technology, led by Doris Segets, focuses on all aspects of materials processing along the process chain. This includes the characterization of particulates as powders and colloids, their dispersion, formulation into inks and pastes and large-scale coating or direct deposition on (flexible) substrates. We are striving for energy applications and sustainable technologies including batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, and electrosynthesis.

Typically, we start from high-performance materials, eg synthesized at UDE's  NanoEnergieTechnikZentrum (NETZ)  in large quantities, develop a knowledge-based formulation of functional inks and their subsequent coating as hierarchically structured electrodes. To realize this vision, we make use of a powerful toolbox of methods for the in-depth characterization of colloidal interfaces at the molecular level. By using appropriate descriptors, we connect the therefrom-gained findings with information on dispersibility and colloidal stability at the particle level. The understanding of disperse ink properties is the starting point for the preparation of tailored electrode layers by eg roll-to-roll or spray coating.Finally, we link layer properties of these coatings with electrode performance.

Across scales, characterization on the ensemble level, ie with statistical relevance to account for the disperse systems we are working with is imperative. Such way, due to hierarchical knowledge transfer along the design chain, our approach is an enabling technology for true product design, exemplified by means of electrochemical functional materials.



After founding the Chair for Particle Science and Technology at UDE in 2021, I was curious to what extend a University chair can be detached from the typical hierarchy. In the beginning of 2022, we decided to undergo the transformation to a self-organized team that now exhibits smooth onboarding, provides an innovative and inspiring atmosphere where individuals can develop, maximize time for scientific discussion with supervisors and research collaboration.                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ~Doris Segets


Org Chart 3 2022