Dr.-Ing. Andreas Erbslöh

Portraitfoto von Andreas Erbslöh

Andreas Erbslöh is a postdoc at the Department of Embedded Systems in Computer Science, working on novel concepts for energy-efficient CMOS systems for AI-assisted neuro-engineering. In 2021, he defended his PhD in closed-loop stimulation paradigms for future retinal implants, investigating circuit concepts for simultaneous electrical stimulation of degenerate retinas and on-chip acquisition/processing of neural responses. His current research interests include the following:

  • Design of energy-efficient and low-noise analog front-ends for use in neuro-implants.
  • Optimization and design of neurosignal processors (spike sorting, ...) for FPGAs and transfer into CMOS circuits
  • Design of neuromorphic front-end accelerators for future applications in biomedical engineering


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