Welcome to the new Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science is in the process of being founded and is currently establishing the Dean's Office. The faculty will include more than 30 research groups, organized into four departments, thus charting the course for UDE's new strategic direction in the realm of computer science.

About us

As of 01.10.2023, the university will consolidate its competencies in computer science, cognitive sciences and business informatics under the umbrella of the new Faculty of Computer Science. The faculty is structured into four departments.


The Faculty of Computer Science will offer an attractive and diverse range of courses that is unique in the region. It will include, among others, the bachelor's/master's degree programs "Computer Science", "Applied Cognitive and Media Science", "Software Engineering" and "Business Informatics" as well as the teaching degree in Computer Science. All enrolled students can continue their studies as usual.

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In addition to the essential foundations of informatics, we explore emerging systems in their interactions with their environment. This involves interaction with people and other technical systems, as well as embedding these systems in economic and societal contexts. In order to shape the future of digital transformation, we bundle our competencies in three main research areas.

Human-Centered Digital Technology

Focus is on exploring the reciprocal adaptivity of human-technology systems and the empowerment of human users in interaction with increasingly intelligent technologies.

Software Technology

We shape the future of engineering and operation of novel software systems and seek intelligent solutions at the interfaces of complexity, security, and usability. These activities are bundled at paluno - The Ruhr Insitute for Software Technology.

Digitalisation in Service and Trade

We address the challenges of how disruptive technological approaches generate successful innovations in service organizations. Beyond that, we examine the effects that new technologies have on organizations, both internally and externally.