Research focus

Our research groups span a wide range of subjects, encompassing both fundamental and practical research. To address the central aspects of the digital transformation, we join forces in three main research areas.

Human-Centered Digital Technology

The presence of digital technologies is rapidly increasing, accompanying people at work, in their private lives and increasingly on their own bodies. This leads us to think about how this constant accessibility reshapes individual experiences and how people in turn shape these technologies through their use.

The research focus "Human-Centered Digital Technology" is therefore on exploring the reciprocal adaptivity of human-technology systems and the empowerment of human users in interaction with increasingly intelligent technologies. To this end, the research focus brings together researchers with psychological and IT expertise.

Software Technology

Advancements in information technology, exemplified by innovations like the Internet of Things and cloud/edge computing, are accelerating the adoption of novel systems at an unprecedented pace. These systems often integrate traditional information systems, software-intensive applications, and embedded systems, and they are progressively harnessing machine learning techniques for autonomous adaptation to dynamic environments.

Our research focus "Software Technology" concentrates on the development and operation of these systems, seeking viable solutions to address the intricate interplay of complexity, security, and usability. The activities are bundled and coordinated in paluno, the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology.

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Digitalisation in Service and Trade

The evolvement of the Internet into an Internet of Things (IoT) and significant advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data analytics, lead to transformative technological approaches profoundly altering the long-term strategies of businesses.

Our research focus on 'Digitalization in Services and Trade' explores the ways in which these disruptive approaches can drive successful innovations within service-oriented companies. Additionally, we scrutinize the impacts of these technologies on both internal and external organizational dynamics. In pursuit of these objectives, our scientists from business informatics and computer science leverage their specialized technical and economic insights.

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