Student Advisory Board

The Faculty Council and the Dean are advised by the Academic Advisory Board in matters relating to teaching and studies, in particular in matters relating to study reform, the evaluation of studies and teaching, as well as with regard to the enactment or amendment of examination regulations.

Elected members

University professors and lecturers

Prof. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Deputies: Prof. Dr. Gregor Schiele, Prof. Dr. German Neubaum

Academic staff

Dr. Werner Otten
Dr. Gero Strobel
no deputies


Jonathan Dreisvogt
Deputies: Thies Josten

Simon Fischer
Deputies: Dennis Milchereit, Katharina Braasch

Patrick Schäfer
Deputies: Lukas Spitzer, Simon Spies

Corvin Schmeier
Deputies: Marc Ridder, Leon Berthold