Study Programmes


Detailed information on the degree programmes offered by the new Faculty of Computer Science.

Study programmes

First Semester

On the pages of your selected degree programme, you can access information about introductory courses, the orientation event for your programme, your initial class schedule, and activities coordinated by your departmental student council throughout the orientation week (O-Week).

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Information event for all students

The new Faculty of Computer Science will be formally established on 01.10.2023. An information event will take place on 12.10.2023, with sessions in Duisburg in the morning at 10 o'clock in room LB 104 and in Essen in the afternoon at 14 o'clock in room Aula SH (SH 601). All students of our degree programmes are cordially invited to attend!

For you as students, little will change for the time being and the most important thing is that all of you can continue your studies as before. All courses will be offered as before, even those from our previous faculties. All degree programmes will also continue as normal.

Since Computer Science now has all the scientific fields from Computer Science, Komedia and Business Informatics under one roof, it is easier to share courses. A positive effect for everyone will therefore be that the elective catalogues can be strengthened in some places.

Graduates will then later receive a degree certificate issued by the new Faculty of Computer Science.

The Rectorate has not yet decided on the final location of the faculty, and in any case a building large enough to accommodate the entire faculty must first be constructed. This means that there will be no relocations to another site in the short term. This in turn means that the respective courses will continue to be offered as usual in Essen or Duisburg. If there are any further developments in this area, we will of course inform everyone immediately.

Offers for pupils

Are you interested in studying computer science? The following link will provide you with information about our offers and opportunities to "get a taste" of computer science and the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Offers for pupils