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Construction of HightPower fluorescence torches since 2007

Unique strong blue light torch (No UV) on the basis of the Maxi Uni of TillyTec (exclusive rights for the sale of the underwater fluorescence torch, Horst Grunz)

Important: Torches with UV-light (trivial: black light) give lousy results (see also the article of my US-colleague Charles Mazel, nightsea)

Our torch contains 3 powerful blue LEDs (royal-blue) high-power Cree LEDs with internal blue-pass dichroic excitation filter at a very competetive price. Without big technical knowledge and sophisticated tools the diver can change different modules from daylight to fluorecence even during the stay at the diving centre. However, we offer a fully functional package for fluorescence nightdives. This includes the strong blue light torch with internal blue-pass dichroic excitation filter, rechargeable Lithium-Akku, charger and optional our worldwide unique FlipUpVisor with yellow barrier filter for the mask. For further information about fluorescence you will find several articles on my homepage. Horst has contructed the first HighPower fluorescence torches worldwide in 2007. As biologist, diver and videographer he has tested different constructions (see my YouTube movies). Therefore I like to recommend this very manageable powerful torch.The unique advantage is the easy exchange of different modules and reflectors with different lightbeam angles, which can be exchanged in minutes - worldwide a unique opportunity.

The basic equipment can be extended by different accessories, i.e. external Akku tank, prolongation cabel, handles, etc. >TillyTec.

Important information: The internal blue-pass dichroic excitation filter improves the brilliance of the fluorescence colors > Novel fluorescence torch of TillyTec (Hamata, March 2014)

Expert consultation free of charge > horst.grunz et

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