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HighTech Fluoreszenz, eine Methode zur Erfassung von Umweltschäden Nachttauchgänge mit HiTec Fluoreszenz



Workshops, Symposia and YouTube movies

upcoming: event 2018 together with Herbert Frei

Brand-new 10.Febr.2017: Article und short movie in Taucher.Net (Deutsch) und in mares/SSI (English)


This are my newest YouTube movies (Jan., 2017) in Abu Dabab

1.Fluodives - Director's Cut -Fluodives

Highlight > crocodile fish in pink - in "normal" light > brown

2.Night dives with fluoreszenz in Abu Dabab Barrier filters

This test movie compares different yellow barrier filters for underwater fluorescence.
There exists still a controversial discussion about the optimal conditions for fluodives. A remark during his talk in Colorado about one of my clips ( at Minute 19:14) of my US-colleague Prof.Dr.Charles
Mazel (MIT; founder of nightsea) encouraged me to perform a systematic measurement of many yellow barrier filters in the spectrophotometer. In Dec.2016 I have now tested various yellow filters at the coral reef in Abu Dabab. In agreement with Charles Mazel I point out that every blue color illuminating the targets must be considered as contamination. "True" fluorescence allows the excitaton of rainbow colors only omitting blue wavelengths under 500 nm (see clip 2, Amber). On the other hand divers like a moderate contamination with blue, since a blue background, blue parts of dead coral blocks and blue tips at fire corals, Acropora or raspberry corals are more appreciated than black. A good compromise is my filter Arc, which allows a moderate transmission of blue wavelengths.
I used always torches with blue light (high power royal-blue LEDs, 450-465 nm). Torches with UV-LEDs (about 390 nm) yield in disappointing results. Furthermore our torches contain an integrated dichroic glass filter, which is superior to polyester foils.

3.Night dives with fluoreszenz White to Blue (Jan. 2017)

This movie shows the test of a Maxi uni ; TillyTec; with white module (5500º Kelvin) converted by a special filter into blue light (450-465 nm) under water. This filter can also be used to convert flashs from 5500º Kelvin into blue light for fluorescence excitation. Furthermore I used a Maxi uni with blue module containing high-end royal-blue LEDs( 450-465 nm - own constructio)n. A dichroic glass filter is integrated in the torch to improve the brilliance of the fluorescence colors. In all clips I used my own yellow barrier filter, which allows a moderate transmission of blue wavelengths. Watch also my other YouTube movies with the comparison of different barrier filters > News. Since the blue special excitation filter blocks all wavelengths over 500 nm, the intensity of white LEDs or flash is greatly reduced - more than 40 %, torches with intense white LEDs or high-end torches must be used. Details are presented in my pdf-file.

4.Exploration of the Bay of Abu Dabab with Scooter for night dives with fluoresescence

This YouTube movie (Jan. 2017) shows dives with a scooter


YouTube movies > future project: Night Dives with High Power Fluorescence und Scooter > Director's Cut

1.Scooter Session filmed with Canon G16

2. Scooter Session filmed with GoPro (by Cyril)

3. Scooter-Projekt and HighPower Fluorescence (project)

Symposium at the university of Wageningen, Netherlands The Symposium Lights On - Lights Off (Nov. 12. 2014), organized by 8 young enthusiastic biologists of the University of Wageningen , had a very positive resonance from the 180 participants. Details are still be found on this WEB-page For photos of the meeting click on the link Gallerie Symposium Wageningen 12.Nov.14

YouTube Film (upload on 8. Dez. 2014) Night dive with fluorescence at 9:15 minutes "Korallenriff bei Tag und bei Nacht" titel: "Coral reef during the day and at night"

My novel mask filters with GoPro-Adapter (3 minutes director's cut movie)

It is very simple to install a cheap GoPro-Adapter on every mask. You get it in several shops starting from 10, Euro. Figure see main page.

Fluorescence Workshop at the Red Sea in Southern Egypt 8.-24. May 2015

The following announcement has been published already in the diver journal in Geman TAUCHER.NET

Since 1.Sept.2014 also an announcement of RSDS (Red Sea Diving Safari) is available.

Briefings and platform presentations will be given in English and German. The local organizers speak English only.

The Fluo-Workshop is guided by Prof.Dr.Horst Grunz and Steffen Beyer. Both are specialists in Fluorescence  and have long experiences in marine biology, informatics, video(photo)filming and torch construction (HiTec/HighPower torches since 2007). These conditions are the prerequisite for a successful performance oft the course and  individual support of every diver.

The dive basis is situated at a nice house bay, which is especially  convenient for night dives because of iits shallow entrance. This is important for nightdives, since it allows dives at nearly every weather conditions. This is in contrast to many places in Egypt with a fringing reef only unprotected against high waves and steep stair. Of course experienced divers can reach the outer reef by zodiak, where the corals are in exceptionally good state.

The participation in the course is not very strikt. Every diver can decide him (herself)  to participate in the daily nightdives and/ or the multimedia presentations with introduction in the fluorecence technique and marine biology.
The presentations will take in the socalled Bubble Bar in fresh air with optional deko-beer etc.

There is no need for special application
The registration should be done by every  participant directly at the basis RED Sea Diving Safari (RSDS).
Everybody decides her(him)self about the duration oft the stay (7 up till 14 days) within the period from 7.-25.May 2015. During the whole period (8.-24.May 2015  every day night dives and  multimedia presentations will be offered. A first impression about the magic world during night dives can be received by a YouTube movie >
Detailed informations can be received by  Horst (  and also by phone: +49 201-53 13 22.



YouTube Filme mit Fluoreszenz HiTec Leuchten

Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2009 10:06 min

Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2010 9:08 min

Nachttauchgänge El Quseir 2011 5:24 min

Nachttauchgänge in Dahab 2012 11: 11 min

Korallenkrankheiten - Reef Check mittels Fluoreszenz Dahab 2012 8:22 min

Drachenkopf 4:16 min

SUBEX als Sponsor 7:10 min

Dahab 2012 Use of a phosphor-filter (Blue into White)

Einführung in die Fluoreszenz-Nachttauchgänge (Marsa Shagra Sept 2013) 8:02 min