Answers to frequently asked questions about the Institute and ways to get involved.

This page is under construction, soon you will find here a FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions to the Institute.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Master and doctoral thesis opportunities

At our institute there is the possibility to conduct different qualification theses. You can find an overview of our different research foci, within the framework of which you can carry out your work, at our research overview. Your own suggestions for topics are also very welcome.

We always welcome applications from enthusiastic colleagues with fresh ideas, exciting questions and a passion for research.


We offer the opportunity to complete internships at our institute. Applications are open to students of various subjects (e.g. psychology, medicine, criminology, sociology) in their main, master's or magister studies. We currently offer internships in the area of "Forensic Psychiatric expert reports" as well as in research.


Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Fuß

E-Mail: johannes.fuss@uni-due.de