Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine

Within the framework of clinical studies, we address various questions, such as sexuality of people with borderline personality disorder, the effects of opposite-sex hormone therapy in trans people, as well as the new diagnosis of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder (CSBD) in the ICD-11.

What does this look like in practice?

For example, in the TRANSIT study, we investigate the extent to which hormone therapy for trans people influences their psychological experience, physical factors and behavior. With the results of this study, we hope to be able to further improve the clinical care of trans people in the future based on objective criteria. Study participants will be evaluated prior to starting hormone therapy and then at regular intervals after initiation. There are numerous collaborations with other clinics and institutes as part of the study.

Selected publications

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  • Biedermann, S. V., Asmuth, J., Schröder, J., Briken, P., Auer, M. K., & Fuss, J. (2021). Childhood adversities are common among trans people and associated with adult depression and suicidality. Journal of psychiatric research, 141, 318-324.


Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Fuß