Interesting Dates of Colloquies and other events

Summerterm 2015 Analytic-chemical Colloquy

Dates and topics of the analytic-chemical colloquy in the summerterm are as follows.

The colloquy takes place on mondays, 4-6 p.m. in the room S05 T02 B02. Application is not necessary.


Date Referee Topic
27.04.15 Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, Helmholtz Zentrum München Unraveling the chemical space of terrestrial and meteoritic organic matter
01.06.15 David McCalley, University of the West of England, Bristol Hydrophilic interaction chromatography- a complimentary technique to reversed phase for the separation of polar and ionised compounds
15.06.15 Jacek Namiesnik, TU Gdansk Application of green sample preparation techniques for the isolation, preconcentration and gas chromatographic determination of organic environmental pollutants
22.06.15 Alexander Makarov, ThermoFisher Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry: Past, Present and Future
29.06.15 Markus Kaiser, UDE Chemical Proteomics
06.07.15 Andreas Peter, Wasserversorgung Zürich Mikroverunreinigungen im Trinkwasser - der (unabhängige) Weg der Schweiz



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