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The electoral committee invites to Student Body Plenary Assembly

All Students of Bachelor/Master Water Science are invited to the student body plenary assembly Monday, 10th of december at 4 pm. Room S07 S00 D07.



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Student Council Invites Christmas Party

Dear fellow students,

you all are invited to our christmas party 13th of December 5pm at S03 V00 F36. There will be hot spiced wine, hot cocoa, christmas cookies and waffles. Until 6 pm their will be the last opportunity to turn in your votes for next years studfent council. Afterwards the votes will be counted and the results announced.

Past Events

Student Coucil invites MINT-Party #8, 19th of October, 10pm at Delta Essen

Join us and the ten other MINT-Liga student councils at this years winter turns MINT-Party.

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Students Council invites Trip to Tiki-Kinderland at 7th of august

Dear fellows,

the last trip to Tiki-Kinderland was a lot of fun for everyone who joined us. That's a pretty good reason to go there once again, isn't it?


More information coming soon.

Schema mit allen Arbeitskreisen, die es innerhalb der Fakultät Chemie gibt. Dazu gehören "Nanopartikel", "Aquatische Biotechnologie", "Biofilme", "Angewandte analytische Chemie", "Instrumentelle analytische Chemie", "Organische Chemie" etc.
Workgroups within the Department of Chemistry of Duisburg-Essen University

Students Councils Water Science & Chemistry invite Summerparty of Water Science & Chemistry Students Body on Friday, 10th of July at 4 pm.

Dear fellow students,

we would like to invite you to the first Water Science & Chemistry Summerparty.

During this event we want to give you the opportunity to get to know the workgroups of our Chemistry-Department.

For this reason we invited some PhD-Students to introduce themselves with short presentations. They will explain which main topics are in focus ot their work and what the gained research results are used for. We hope that we can give you a little insight in what happens at Duisburg-Essen University beside the regular teaching activities. Moreover it's our aim to give you an idea which workgroups could be interesting for you to apply for writing a thesis.

The summerparty takes places in S07 S00 D07 at 4 pm on friday, 10th of july.

After finishing the presentations (aroud 6 pm.) we are going to do a barbecue (with free drinks!) in front of S07 together with Chemistry- and the PhD-Students. There you will have the possibility to ask questions or chat in a relaxing atmosphere.

We are waiting for you guys!

Students Councils Water Science & Chemie.

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In this picture you can see a schematic sketch of a yeast cell
No beer without yeast.

Students Council invites Water Science-Stammtisch on Wednesday, 6th of May at 4pm

You are warmly invited to our next Water Science-Stammtisch!

This time it will be a bit nostalgic. After a long time we will meet at Unit, Reckhammerweg 2 (next to the university) again.
Come over, chat and relax, apply for the brewery trip, inform yourself about other interesting progress (indeed there is a lot!) - or just tell us about your wishes.



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The MINT-League.

Students Council invites MINT-Party, 16th of April, 10pm at Delta Essen

Dear fellow students,

we nearly made it! After months of hard work we have organized the first mega-event of the Water Science Students Council ever! Together with biologists, chemists, mathematicians, physicists and system engineers we are going to celebrate the beginning of our summer term!

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Students Council invites Water Science-Stammtisch, 9th of April, 6pm

We go straight forward and invite you to our first Stammtisch at the summer term!

Join us around 6pm at KKC, enjoy the cocktail happy hour and participate in our council meeting.


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