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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change."

- Charles Darwin

13.02.2024 Retreat 2024

Our project team spent this year's retreat in snowy Schwelm. Over the three days, the meeting focussed on data analysis and the writing of publications.


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19.09.2023 German Addiction Congress 2023

The RuhrNetwork was also represented at this year's Addiction Congress in Berlin and presented the results of a systematic meta-review of the research group on "Functional digital media use in children and adolescents".


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19.04.2023 Successful workshop

The entire project team spent three successful workshop days with the best view in Haltern am See. They worked on the concept for the planned funding applications, finalized a current study, and developed a questionnaire to assess the degree of functional use of digital media.


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05.10.2022 German Addiction Congress 2022

From 07 - 09 September 2022, the German Addiction Congress took place in Munich, where the RuhrNetwork for Functional Digital Media-Use in Children and Adolescents was also represented with its own presentations. Exciting discussions emerged through the presentations and stimulated collaborative exchanges between research and clinical scientists. 

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