Concept of the main research area "Transformation of contemporary societies: Building order in a borderless world"

Main Research Area Transformation of contemporary societies

The Main Research Area promotes collaborative and inter-disciplinary research about the transformation of contemporary societies at the University Duisburg-Essen (UDE). It builds on a strong Social Science infrastructure to integrate research in sociology, education, economics and business, political science, the humanities and other related disciplines, and aims to link these competencies with the well-established regional and area studies expertise in European, Sub-Sahara African and East Asian Studies at the UDE. The Main Research Area promotes the international and well as national cooperation of its members, and encourages the development of new research to address a range of phenomena in the emergence of a world society in the 21st century. Four sub-themes constitute the current research program:

  1. Transnational Labor Markets as a process of social and political institution-building in an increasingly borderless world
  2. Political and Social Governance within and across national borders,
  3. The Transformation of Risk and Welfare in continually shifting contexts and
  4. the causes and effects of international migration in an increasingly borderless world.

All members of the University of Duisburg-Essen who are interested in larger research collaborations, preparation for application for third-party funds, English-language publications as well as peer-reviewed publications, workshops, journeys to congresses (within the topics of the main research area), extension of international research cooperation and dissertation projects can participate.

Within the concept of the social sciences main research area “Transformation of contemporary societies” (see below), applications for sponsorship can be made up to January 15th, 2016. All members of Duisburg-Essen University are entitled to apply. The range of project themes which are eligible for support within this framework is set out in the current research concept.

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