The Social Sciences Institute in Duisburg is one of the leading social sciences institutes in Germany, both in terms of basic research as well as applied research. This is reflected in the number of externally funded research projects, in the support provided for young talent (e.g. DFG graduate school Risk and East Asia, NRW School of Governance) as well as in the high level of international networking.

The research activities are thematically pooled and intensified in the Concept of the main research area "Transformation of contemporary societies: Building order in a borderless world" of the UDE.. The explicitly includes, in particular, interfaculty research collaborations in the areas of social sciences, educational sciences and economics as well as research partnerships with external organisations.

A broad spectrum of social sciences and political science research themes is organised by the department teams and working groups at the Department of Sociology (DoS) and the Institute of Political Science (IfP). You can find more detailed information on the homepages of the various scientific staff.

The Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) and the Institute for Work, Skills and Training (IAQ) provide the faculty with two pure research institutes that make a fundamental contribution to its research profile as well as that of the UDE. Alongside the nationally and internationally renowned research activities of the individual departments, the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) , the Institute for Work, Skills and Training (IAQ) and the NRW School of Governance are research units that have won nationwide acclaim.

In the area of promotion of young talent, the faculty currently has three junior professorships and is actively involved in the creation and development of the structured doctoral programmes. Thanks to the faculty’s participation in DokNet, the network for doctoral candidates, it is able to follow a diverse number of approaches for increasing the number of successful doctorates and especially for implementing structural improvements to the doctoral phase. DoKNet coordinates and pools a number of approaches at the faculty and consolidates them under a single organisational roof.




Prof. Dr. Michael Kaeding

Vice Dean for Research and Young Academics

Phone Number:: (0203) 379-2050

Room: LF 328