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Public Procurement as a new arena of industrial relations

Background and Objectives

A broad range of empirical studies have investigated the outsourcing of public tasks to private contractors and have largely found negative effects on the quality of employment conditions in the privatized companies. This deterioration of job quality is primarily seen as a consequence of the gap between the public and the private sector in terms of pay levels and the strength of industrial relations. Yet there is an increasing awareness at the political level that public authorities also have ways and means of influencing working conditions in the contracted companies – for instance by making certain social standards a selection criterion in public procurement procedures.  This set of policies adds a third actor to the usually bilateral balancing of interests between employer and employee representatives: public administration. Hence, the transition from the ‘interventionist state’ to the ‘regulatory state’ gives rise to new trilateral interest configurations which so far have not been investigated systematically. The project aims to describe and explain the varying manifestations and results of these increasingly relevant trilateral negotiation processes. The central question of the research project is therefore how the conflicting interests in this negotiation arena – budget consolidation, normative expectations regarding socially responsible procurement, the profit interests of the private sector employer and employee concerns – are balanced.


The core of the empirical inquiry consists of in-depth qualitative case studies on public procurement processes in a selection of local authorities. From a conceptual and analytical point of view, the research project presupposes that the interaction between procurement-specific processes and the general institutional context, particularly labour market regulations and the system of industrial relations, will deserve particular attention. The empirical investigation therefore compares public procurement procedures in two industries – waste disposal and contract catering – that are most dissimilar with regard to the institutional context. Moreover, in order to allow for a cross-country comparison the project seeks to cooperate with two partners in Denmark and the UK.



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01.01.2016 - 04.08.2020

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Flexibility and Security

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Dr. Karen Jaehrling

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