Ambassador Program

24.10.2019 - 16:05:41

Das IN-EAST beim Deutsch-Koreanischen Junior-Forum

MA-Studentin Hannah Grüttgen nahm am Deutsch-Koreanischen Junior-Forum 2019 in Berlin teil

20.09.2019 - 10:30:12

Again: IN-EAST Students at YICGG

Elisabeth Kiene, Julia Pallanch and Miquel Salvadó-Gracia participated as a team at YICGG, Jakarta, July 14–18, 2019.

20.09.2019 - 09:45:32

China: Changing the Norms of Internet

IN-EAST Master student Andrew Devine publishes analysis of China's strategy in changing the norms of global Internet governance ...

31.07.2019 - 00:00:00

Young Diplomatic Talents from Belt and Road Countries

From June 17th to July 5th 2019, Julia Pallanch and Jendrik Niebuhr, two MA students enrolled at IN-EAST, participated in ...

01.07.2018 - 10:56:49

Youth International Competition on Global Governance

In July 2018, Miquel Salvadó Gracia, Julia Pallanch, and Angelica Vidal, three MA students at IN-EAST, participated as a team ...