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IN-EAST offers a range of study programs focusing on contemporary East Asian societies and economies. Students specialize in either China, Japan or Korea, acquire or improve their skills in an East Asian language, undergo methodological training, and benefit from the transfer of regional expertise.

Das IN-EAST bietet verschiedene Studiengänge an, die sich mit den heutigen Gesellschaften und Wirtschaftssystemen Ostasiens beschäftigen. Studierende spezialisieren sich wahlweise auf China, Japan oder Korea und eignen sich eine ostasiatische Sprache an oder verbessern ihre Sprachkenntnisse. Darüber hinaus erhalten sie eine fundierte Ausbildung in einer Methodendisziplin und in den ostasiatischen Regionalstudien.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Moderne Ostasienstudien

Der Bachelor Moderne Ostasienstudien bietet die Möglichkeit, Regionalwissen, eine fundierte Ausbildung in einer Fach- disziplin und Fremdsprachenkenntnisse zu erwerben, die im integrierten Auslandsjahr vertieft werden.

Der im Studienverlauf intensiv vorbereitete Aufenthalt in China, Japan oder Korea bietet zudem die Chance, interkulturelle Fähigkeiten zu erwerben und wertvolle persönliche Erfahrungen zu machen.


Ba Moas Signet

Master of Arts (MA)
Modern East Asian Studies

The Master’s Program in Modern East Asian Studies is designed for students with a BA in East Asian regional studies or East Asian language studies.

It aims to train students in the theoretical and problem-centered analysis of East Asian societies, politics and economies in order to build their skills in assessing contemporary change processes in the region. Proficiency in an East Asian language is also developed.


Ma Meas Signet

Master of Arts (MA)
Contemporary East Asian Studies

The Master’s in Contemporary East Asian Studies (MA CEAS) is an English-taught social science-based program with a contemporary and interdisciplinary profile. It offers research-focused training for highly qualified graduates with a BA or similar in the social sciences or economics.

Students on the MA CEAS program focus on the Chinese, Japanese or Korean language and specialize in social sciences or economics, combining intensive language training with interdisciplinary and discipline-specific modules on East Asia.


Ma Ceas Signet

PhD Program

Since 2017, the Alliance for Research on East Asia (AREA) Ruhr invites applications for up to four 3-year doctoral stipends for highly qualified graduates from the social sciences, business and economic studies, the humanities, or East Asian studies programmes with advanced language skills in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

The structured three-year doctoral programme on Transnational Institution Building and Transnational Identities in East Asia aims to advance knowledge on East Asian regional institution building, identity formation, and the interaction between both processes throughout history and today. By applying transnational and comparative approaches to the study of East Asia, the programme looks beyond national borders and seeks to unleash the potential of combining humanities and social sciences and to base research projects on interdisciplinary perspectives.

For details, please see the AREA Ruhr Doctoral Programme:

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funded by Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR)

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