Cooperation in Augmented Reality

In our Augmented Reality Lab, we research and develop solutions to support individual and, above all, cooperative activities of people with augmented and mixed reality. The lab is used for our research projects and experiment, and it is also available to students who are writing their theses, working on projects or carrying out research tracks with us. Research is currently being conducted using devices like Microsoft HoloLens 2, Vuzix Blade Realwear 520 and Varjo XR-3.

Topics that will be covered include the possibilities of supporting cooperating actors via augmented reality, the use of new technologies such as augmented reality or IoT in specific areas of application or the research into various interaction options with all the technical devices that surround us as humans today.

Example of cooperation in AR: Getting out of Out of Sight

As part of our research into supporting cooperative work with augmented reality, we conducted a collaborative experiment. Participants were given the task of finding and returning 8 virtual puzzle pieces (colored cubes) that were scattered throughout an office building (4 offices connected by a hallway). Each group member received a combination of orientation and perception support displayed on their own HoloLens. These supports included a map, a compass and the ability to see through walls.