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Different augmented reality glasses

Gordon Kopierer
​In this experiment, we compare two different augmented reality (AR) approaches. During the experiment, you will perform various manual tasks with AR glasses under remote guidance.

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Human-Robot-Interaktion with James

​The study aims to assemble brick sets as quickly as possible according to the instructions. Our autonomous service robot James will regularly bring you new clamping blocks. If you like robots and building bricks, then sign up for this trial.

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Human-Robot Interaction with Franka (building towers)

Panda 2
It's about human-robot collaboration with Franka Emika, an industrial robot. During the experiment, you and the robot build towers out of wooden blocks and you fill out a few questionnaires.

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Human-Robot Interaction with Franka (building shapes)

In this study, you can complete collaborative tasks together with the industrial robot Franka Emika. The tasks include specific shapes and constructions that you have to build during the experiment. 

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More Informations

We at the Chair of Interactive Systems are very interested in studying how users interact with new technologies. For this, we regularly need test subjects to take part in our studies. By participating in our studies you can:
  • Interact with new technologies such as robots, augmented reality, or AI
  • Earn a small allowance for expenses
  • Get to know the process of scientific studies, which can also be the subject of Bachelor's or Master's theses
You have the opportunity to join our mailing list, through which we advertise our studies. You will receive information about the studies by email and thereby the opportunity to register for one of the dates. We would be very happy to have you join our mailing list and then also take part in our studies. Of course, by registering you do not commit to taking part in every study. You can decide on each offer individually. You can also unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.