Human-Robot Cooperation and Human-AI Interaction

Tanz Mit RoboterIn our Human-AI and Human-Robot Cooperation laboratory, we investigate the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence using application fields such as human-robot interaction and technologies such as chatbots. We investigate how people can interact with AI-based agents and what effects this has on work, learning, and cooperation.

The idea of ​​“human-centered AI” (Riedl 2019) guides our work. With this paradigm, artificial intelligence mechanisms are designed with the awareness that they are part of a larger (socio-technical) system. Artificial intelligence and robotics must therefore both understand socio-cultural aspects of human behavior and be understandable and transparent to people who interact with them.

In human-robot interaction, we use this paradigm to examine, among other things, how humans and robots can function as a team and work on tasks together. Questions include the transfer of findings from collaboration (CSCW) research, for example to build trust or to promote fairness, as well as the design of reciprocal interaction between humans and machines.

For chatbot technology, we are investigating how these can be designed as cooperation partners in accordance with the idea of ​​human-centered artificial intelligence. To this end, we are working on questions such as how and whether chatbots should be visualized, how emotion recognition can improve interaction with chatbots, and how control can be transferred between humans and chatbots during tasks.