"Sprachtandem" - Tandem language learning

Welcome to the "Sprachtandem" programme!

These pages tell you all about the tandem language learning programme. You will find tips on learning a language, suggestions and ideas on how to go about organising a tandem partnership, and much more besides…

What is tandem language learning?

Tandem language learning allows you to see the world from a different perspective. The idea is to work with a native speaker of your chosen foreign language to improve your language skills. You not only learn the language, but also get a first-hand account of everyday life, work and leisure in another culture. Tandem language learning can turn into a lifelong friendship that builds valuable bridges between different cultures.
The flexibility of tandem language learning offers you the greatest possible freedom to learn according to your needs: you and your language partner alone are responsible for setting the timeframe for your partnership and what you wish to learn. All you need is an interest in a different language and culture, and a desire to expand your knowledge through self-regulated learning.

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