Welcome to the MePE Research Group!


The research group “Psychological Processes of Education in Social Media” represents the field of media psychology with a focus on informal educational processes using digital media. In this context, the research group examines under which circumstances the use of information and communication technologies (e.g., social media, messengers, intelligent assistance systems) can help people to educate themselves, gain knowledge and new skills.

Our research topics include:
(1)    Political opinion formation and expression in social media
(2)    Artificial intelligence in digitized educational processes
(3)    Social destigmatization through communication technologies
(4)    Science and health communication
(5)    Digitized privacy and publicness

Through our research, we aim to develop a better understanding of current societal problems and phenomena, such as

•    the growth of digital knowledge and participation gaps in different domains,
•    the formation of political filter bubbles and echo chambers in social media,
•    the fragmentation and polarization within digital media, and the
•    dissemination of politically and scientifically relevant misinformation.

On our website, you will find more information about our research, publications, projects, and teaching activities.