Outreach & Media - Dr. Nantke Pecht

Press coverage

Interview with the Brost-Foundation on the topic of "Ruhrdeutsch" (2023).

Renckens, E. (2021). Onderzocht. Cité-Duits: ondergrondse taal in Vlaanderen. In: Onze Taal 2021 (7/8). p. 29. Click here to read the article.

(2021). De mysterieuze mijnwerkerstaal Cité-Duits zal weldra uitsterven, dus onderzoek komt nog net op tijd. Newspaper article in the Dutch newspaper De Limburger. Click here to read the article.

Hoe net over de grens razendsnel een unieke taal ontstond. 17. February 2017. The Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad published an article about my research project. The article can be accessed here


Pecht, N. in cooperation with the UM video team (2022). Short film about my dissertation titled „Language Contact in a Mining Community,“ which was shortlisted for the AVT/Lot Dissertation Award 2021.


Short film about my PhD project and the data collection in a former mining district in Belgium, made by the University of Maastricht.

Public lectures & other

Pecht, N. (2021). Sociolinguïstisch onderzoek naar uitstervende mijnwerkerstaal. Article in the Online-magazine Neerlandistiek (in Dutch). March 2021. Click here to read the article. 

Am Schnittpunkt von Niederländisch und Deutsch: das Cité Duits ehemaliger Bergarbeiter in Belgien-Limburg. Public Lecture: Symposium Gruuts op mien moojertaol, Maastricht, 21. February 2018.

A fused variety? The use of dialectal features in coalminers speech. Public Lecture: De dynamiek van het Limburgs: accenten en fundamenten, Maastricht, 14. December 2016.

Cité Duits – a language as no other. Public Lecture: NWO & Dutch Association of Science Journalists, Bessensap, de Rode Hoed Amsterdam, 10. June 2016. See https://www.nwo.nl/bijeenkomsten/bessensap