February 2017

First paper

The first NU-TEGRAM paper has been published. Project partners from the Ruđer Bošković Institute, ENSICAEN and AG Schleberger contributed to the experimental results. The team investigated the response of freestanding graphene to swift heavy ion irrdiation. In a joint effort, samples were irradiated with ions of varying energy. With the help of molecular dynamics (Nordlund, University of Helsinki) the results could be explained in terms of increasing hole size with increasing energy deposition. This is an important result for the project as it would allows us to tune the pore size of our membranes in an easy way.

You can find our paper here:

Creating nanoporous graphene with swift heavy ions

January 2017

A new PhD student at the Ruđer Bošković Institute

Kristina Tomić was born in Vinkovci in 1991. Later, her family moved to the coastal city of Pula, where she finished secondary education. Afterwards, Kristina moved to Zagreb where she completed Master studies of physics and chemistry education at the University of Zagreb.

Kristina Tomić is now a member of the NU-TEGRAM group at the Ruđer Bošković Institute. As a PhD student, she will take part in the low energy swift heavy ion irradiation experiments. These include further development of the ion irradiation setup, participation in irradiation campaigns and characterisation of produced nanodefects by atomic force microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy. Nanomembrane fabrication by etching of the irradiated polymer foils is also forseen. To take full advantage of opportunities within the project, hands-on training within other project groups is planned. Her dual-role education as physicist and chemist will surely match well the broad range of research activities she will undertake within the NU-TEGRAM project.  

December 2016

Poster price

At this year's CENIDE anniversary celebration, Lukas Madauß from AG Schleberger and Jens Schumacher from AK Ulbricht (Chemistry) won one of the coveted poster prizes. With their work on "Graphene / Polymer Composites for Nano- and Ultrafiltration", Lukas and Jens were able to convince the jury and were rewarded with a Best Poster Award. The work has been conducted within the framework of the project NU-TEGRAM, in which highly functional super-membrane composites are developed and investigated. The photo shows Lukas when sorting the membrane samples.

Graphene Week Warsaw 2016

July 2016

Graphene Week Warsaw 2016

Warsaw hosted this year´s international Graphene Week 2016. For 7 days, everyone focused on the 2D material graphene, due to its extraordinary properties. Besides presentations and talks about graphenes electrical behaviour, one could observe an increasing interest in its filtering properties and appropiate ways to modify these.

April 2016


The partners of our transnational membrane project (NU-TEGRAM) have on 13/14. April in Budapest met with scientists of other projects that were successful in the FLAG-ERA program, as well as with representatives of the EU. In addition to the scientific exchange, the integration of partner projects stood in the European Flagship Graphene in the foreground. Following the kick-off meeting of our membrane project took place.