Basic laboratory course

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  • The lab courses of ISE, Nano, W-Ing and EIT will start on 06.05.2024. Please see the specific timetable for more Info.
  • Lab protocols can be written with the computer in all study courses. The use of an artificial intelligence software, i.e. an AI chatbot, is forbidden and will automatically result in a failure of the course.
  • The experiment D17 - Elektronenspinresonanz (electron spin resonance) will be in room ME 150

Registration for the WS23/24 via Moodle

Welcome to the lab courses


The lab courses

  • is part of the basic studies of science and engineer studies
  • teaches basic physics knowledge about measurement results, which were generated in the lab
  • trains skills while performing experiments and analyzing data of basic physics experiments
  • trains skills for discussing and questioning used measuring methods and results

Participants of the lab courses

  • prepare themselves for every experiment with the help of the manuals and the included literature
  • perform one experiment eacht week in groups of two or three during the semester
  • discuss used measuring methods and topic of the experiment with their supervisor
  • will get helpf from staff members while performing experiments
  • analyze every performed experiment with the help of a protocol
  • write a protocal for every experiment they performed

Subject areas are

  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electricity
  • Optics
  • Atom- an nuclear physics
  • Solid state physics

Safety training

Here you can look again at the safety training from the introductory lecture: Download

Person in charge

Supervisors for the lab courses

Lab technical support

Bianca Bohn
Raum ME 323