18.01.2021 WDR-Lokalzeit reports on Mars research at AG Wurm

Everyone is interested in what it looks like on our neighboring planet Mars - including the journalists from Lokalzeit Duisburg.


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18.01.2021 Obituary Professor Petr Braun

Professor Petr Braun, member of the research groups Haake and Guhr for many years, passed away on December 27th, 2020, after a short malignant disease.

Petr Braun was born in Novokaschirsk (Moskau region) in 1943.

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13.01.2021 WDR-Lokalzeit reports again about our faculty - Balance: The Corona Semester

WDR-Lokalzeit Duisburg takes stock of the Corona semester 2020/2021. Energy Science students Carmen Zaitz and Eike Gilcher report on their experiences. Dr. Florian Mazur is the studio guest and answers questions.

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┬ę NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

04.01.2021 Everything on red - EU project on Martian dust

Mars is Earth's direct neighbor - barren and fascinating at the same time. Many things on the red planet are mysterious, such as the large clouds of dust and ice. An international team, including UDE physicists, wants to close some of these gaps in our knowledge.

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Course of study in Physics (B.Sc. / M.Sc.)

Curriculum, course catalogue, module manual - all important information about your studies.

Information on course of study in Physics (Bacherlor / Master)

Course of study in Energy Science

What are they doing? What is it all about? All important information about Energy Science studies.

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Course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

  • for Elementary schools,
  • all secondary schools of all levels,
  • for Comprehensive schools and business colleges.
Information on course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

High School Students

There's a lot to try: freestyle-physics, nano-laboratory for high school students, trial studies, ...

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Physics courses in German and English

Two is better than one! From the third semester onwards, basic lectures will be held in German and additionally in English.

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Visiting our preliminary courses is recommendable before you start your studies properly.

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Mentoring helps everyone! All of our mentors can give good advice about your studies.

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At our faculty there is a number of research groups with different research priorities.

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Childcare room

The Faculty of Physics offers emergency child care for all faculty members and all CENIDE-members. If the regular daycare is closed, for instance, due to a strike or illness, care can be arranged in the childcare room. It is, however, not intended for foreseeable events such as holiday care or the like.

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