15.04.2021 Studienorientierung@home - Physik and Energy Science

There's no question about it - the current measures to curb the Corona pandemic don't exactly make your own choice of studies easy at the moment. The good news: You can still actively make your future plans! Visit our info lecture on Physics and Energy Science on April 20th 2021 at 3 p.m. online via Zoom.

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30.03.2021 Faculty of Physics mourns the death of Prof. Dr. Werner Keune

The Faculty of Physics mourns the passing of Prof. Dr. Werner Keune, who died on March 27, 2021 as a result of cancer. With Prof. Keune, we look back on a versatile and successful scientific career, which significantly shaped experimental physics at the Duisburg-Essen site.

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25.03.2021 Nanoschülerlabor becomes NanoSchoolLab - but despite Corona, operations do not stand still!

After 9 extremely successful years under the name "Nanoschülerlabor - Einsichten in die Nanowelt" there is a new name:  NanoSchoolLab - Insights into the Nanoworld. This is because the lab is open not only to male school students but also to female students!

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Control room of the experiment

23.03.2021 On the road with the mouse - 6 physicists at the accelerator

What does the mouse do on her birthday? Celebrating, of course, but afterwards she immediately went back to her favorite hobby: Research. She accompanied a team of six physicists led by Andreas Wucher to the UDE's own experimental station at the heavy ion accelerator at GSI in Darmstadt.

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Course of study in Physics (B.Sc. / M.Sc.)

Curriculum, course catalogue, module manual - all important information about your studies.

Information on course of study in Physics (Bacherlor / Master)

Course of study in Energy Science

What are they doing? What is it all about? All important information about Energy Science studies.

Information on course of study in Energy Science

Course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

  • for Elementary schools,
  • all secondary schools of all levels,
  • for Comprehensive schools and business colleges.
Information on course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

High School Students

There's a lot to try: freestyle-physics, nano-laboratory for high school students, trial studies, ...

Information for High School Students

Physics courses in German and English

Two is better than one! From the third semester onwards, basic lectures will be held in German and additionally in English.

More Information on bilingual courses


Visiting our preliminary courses is recommendable before you start your studies properly.

More Information on the phase of preliminary studies (in German)


Mentoring helps everyone! All of our mentors can give good advice about your studies.

More Information on Mentoring (in German)


At our faculty there is a number of research groups with different research priorities.

Information on research at the Faculty of Physics

Childcare room

The Faculty of Physics offers emergency child care for all faculty members and all CENIDE-members. If the regular daycare is closed, for instance, due to a strike or illness, care can be arranged in the childcare room. It is, however, not intended for foreseeable events such as holiday care or the like.

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