Information on teaching and examinations in the winter semester 2021/22 regarding COVID-19 in the Faculty of Physics.

Information page of the Faculty of Physics (in German)

UDE boarding procedure: 3G detection and control

The University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) is returning to a predominantly on-site university operation for the winter semester. At the same time, it welcomes several thousand students who begin their studies at the beginning of October. The Corona Protection Ordinance allows only vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested persons (3G) to attend courses. The 3G regulation is connected with a complete access control, which is implemented at the UDE with a two-stage system. It is based on the check-in and boarding procedure familiar from airports.

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Are you interested in physics? You want to study physics, energy science or physics teaching?

With this video we want to give you a brief insight into what is going on with us. Despite the wealth of information, this is only a tiny fraction of the topics you can explore with us!

More information about the study (in German)


26.10.2021 25th German Conference of Women Physicists - 270 registrations!

November 8-10, 2021: Professional exchange, career planning and networking of women in physics.

Silver paper and wire are already off!  The champagne corks are just sitting loosely in the bottles. 270 registrations have been received - can we reach 300 together?


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21.10.2021 Article in Spektrum der Wissenschaft - Is there or is there not chance?

The question of whether there is a true coincidence or whether everything follows a fixed plan can be argued about.
In the November issue of Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Axel Lorke and Peter Kohl show that the throw of a dice is not predictable.

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21.10.2022 Article on directed movement of domain walls makes it to the cover of Physical Review Letters journal

Domain walls in kagome antiferromagnets can be manipulated in a controlled manner by a single linearly polarized spin-wave source.

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19.10.2021 Master's program in physics reaccredited

All study programs at the UDE must regularly undergo a quality assurance procedure. In the Faculty of Physics, the Master's program in Physics (Master of Science) was most recently reviewed and awarded the seal of approval by the Accreditation Council.

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Course of study in Physics (B.Sc. / M.Sc.)

Curriculum, course catalogue, module manual - all important information about your studies.

Information on course of study in Physics (Bacherlor / Master)

Course of study in Energy Science

What are they doing? What is it all about? All important information about Energy Science studies.

Information on course of study in Energy Science

Course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

  • for Elementary schools,
  • all secondary schools of all levels,
  • for Comprehensive schools and business colleges.
Information on course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

High School Students

There's a lot to try: freestyle-physics, nano-laboratory for high school students, trial studies, ...

Information for High School Students


Visiting our preliminary courses is recommendable before you start your studies properly.

More Information on the phase of preliminary studies (in German)

Buddy System

We offer a two-tier buddy system for an optimal start to your studies. This ensures comprehensive support before and during the first two semesters.

More Information on the Buddy System (in German)


Mentoring helps everyone! All of our mentors can give good advice about your studies.

More Information on Mentoring (in German)


At our faculty there is a number of research groups with different research priorities.

Information on research at the Faculty of Physics

Childcare room

The Faculty of Physics offers emergency child care for all faculty members and all CENIDE-members. If the regular daycare is closed, for instance, due to a strike or illness, care can be arranged in the childcare room. It is, however, not intended for foreseeable events such as holiday care or the like.

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