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Are you interested in physics? You want to study physics, energy science or physics teaching?

With this video we want to give you a brief insight into what is going on with us. Despite the wealth of information, this is only a tiny fraction of the topics you can explore with us!

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22.02.2024 AIMS - Artificial Intelligence Meets Space

It's hard to think of a cooler title for a research alliance. Seven groups from different German universities have joined forces to jointly develop AI methods for space and microgravity experiments. Many of the methods are planned for use on the ISS. This time, sub-project leader Jens Teiser has invited them to one of the regular meetings and they are all coming to our faculty in Duisburg from 6 February to 1 March 2024.

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15.02.2024 Mourning for Dietrich von der Linde – Laser light expert passes away

The Faculty of Physics mourns the loss of Prof Dr Dietrich von der Linde. The esteemed expert in laser light passed away on the night of 6 to 7 February at the age of 83. "He always endeavoured to take science a step further and thus had a decisive influence on our faculty. Dietrich von der Linde's attitude will have an impact beyond his death," says Prof Dr Uwe Bovensiepen.

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15.02.2024 freestyle-physics tasks are online - To the workbench, get set, go!

Brains, inventiveness and creativity are required: the popular freestyle-physics at the UDE are entering their 23rd round. The tasks for the tinkering competition are now online, and students and their teachers can apply until 2 June. Whether it's a free-kick machine, harbour crane or chain reaction - not only the best teams win, but also the most creative. The final will take place from 24 to 28 June at the Duisburg campus.

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10.02.2024 The Faculty of Physics mourns the loss of Prof. Dr. Dietrich von der Linde

The Faculty of Physics mourns the loss of Prof. Dr. Dietrich von der Linde. He passed away in the night from February 6th to 7th, 2024. Prof. von der Linde played a decisive role in shaping our faculty for many years. In the years 2001 to 2004 in particular, as Dean of the Department of Physics in Essen, he shaped the merger with the Department of Physics in Duisburg together with Prof. Dr. Klaus Usadel.

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Course of study in Physics (B.Sc. / M.Sc.)

Curriculum, course catalogue, module manual - all important information about your studies.

Information on course of study in Physics (Bacherlor / Master)

Course of study in Energy Science

What are they doing? What is it all about? All important information about Energy Science studies.

Information on course of study in Energy Science

Course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

  • for Elementary schools,
  • all secondary schools of all levels,
  • for Comprehensive schools and business colleges.
Information on course of study in Physics (Teaching Post)

High School Students

There's a lot to try: freestyle-physics, nano-laboratory for high school students, trial studies, ...

Information for High School Students


Visiting our preliminary courses is recommendable before you start your studies properly.

More Information on the phase of preliminary studies (in German)

Buddy System

We offer a two-tier buddy system for an optimal start to your studies. This ensures comprehensive support before and during the first two semesters.

More Information on the Buddy System (in German)


Mentoring offers support outside of specialist issues and can put you in touch with suitable contacts.

More Information on Mentoring


At our faculty there is a number of research groups with different research priorities.

Information on research at the Faculty of Physics

Childcare room

The Faculty of Physics offers emergency child care for all faculty members and all CENIDE-members. If the regular daycare is closed, for instance, due to a strike or illness, care can be arranged in the childcare room. It is, however, not intended for foreseeable events such as holiday care or the like.

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